Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

jennifer aniston and justin theroux  

Justin Theroux (41) and Jennifer Aniston (43) recently got engaged, and according to the media they are planning to get married in Mexico by the end of this year, but thats not all. Close friends reportedly find out from her mother Nancy that the actress is pregnant .

Nancy said that Jennifer was pregnant and will soon be married to Justin in Mexico. She was happy because of this great news and she had to share it with someone – the source said.

She also added that Jennifer wants to marry as soon as possible and that she wouldn't wish for her wedding pictures to be plastered all over the media outlets.  

Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell


russell brand dates geri halliwell

Though Brand’s divorce from his wife of 14 months, Katy Perry, 27, wasn’t finalized until July 16, he’s already dated Dallas star Jordana Brewster‘s younger sister, Isabella for a few weeks and has reportedly started dating Geri Halliwell after hitting it off with her at the Olympics Closing Ceremony.

A friend of Russell’s told : “Things are getting very serious between them – they’re a proper couple now. They had met several times in the past but really got to know each other during the Olympics”.

Has Johnny Depp gone over the edge?

Reportedly Johnny Depp hasn’t been snagging up new roles but rather sitting back and cashing in on Captain Jack Sparrow.

Can anyone hate him for that?

Rumor has it that Pirates 5 and 6 will be making a debut in the future…good luck Depp!

Denise Richards adopts baby girl


It always warms the heart when a celebrity adopts a child.  This time Denise Richards adopted little Eloise Joni and already she’s being thrown into the spotlight.

Reportedly last week the paparazzi were all over Denise and her baby.  Luckily Eloise has two older sisters to protect her.

Good luck Denise!

Ashton Kutcher fights the internet

Didn’t anyone ever teach you that fighting on the internet is stupid?  Come on Kutcher, you know better than to start bashing and hating on the web!  Apparently Ashton was fighting with the Village Voice on Wednesday about anti-sex-trafficking campaign…


I don’t even know what to say Ashton…

Princess Diana brought back to life

Ok, so not exactly…

but Newsweek took it into their hands to at least bring her back to life on their latest cover image.  She’s seen walking along side Kate Middleton…(weird yet?)…and having what looks like a little giggle.

Baby yoga!

Well, ya can’t say anything bad about babies!

And we love them as much as January Jones and Alyssa Milano do…that’s why we’re stoked they take their baby bumps out for a yoga session.

Who says you can’t get a little workout and relax AND have a baby in you at the same time??

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni separating again

Ahhh another one bites the dust? Hopefully just temporarily.

Apparently Duchovny and Leoni have decided to take another break…anyone remember the first one back in 2008 when Duchovny was in sex rehab?

The two have reconciled since then but no word yet on why they are splitting this time.

Amber Portwood checks into rehab

Well…another one bites the dust.

Amber Portwood…who? Yes Amber Portwood, from Teen Mom’s (oyyy) has checked herself into rehab in Malibu last week.

Well, we wish you well Amber and speedy recovery!

Did Rutina Wesley get a nose job?

Hmmm…it could be the lighting, it could be the angle…but maybe Rutina Wesley did get a nose job?

I don’t know about you but I can’t tell which is the original anyway?? They are both nice!

Hope she didn’t waster her money.

Pamela Anderson gets sued

Apparently Pamela Anderson has gotten herself in a bit of a tough spot…

back in 2006 she promised Laurence Hallier to promote the sale of his condos and in return, she’d get one herself.

Runor has it Anderson completely flaked, leaving Hallier no other option but to bring a lawsuit into the mix.