Maya Rudolph bedbugs case

When  Maya Rudolph and her family moved into their new apartment,  nobody told them it was a bedbug zone. In fact,  they were convinced that the house was perfect, that is until something started chewing on them during the night.  After waking up with severe bite wounds they figured something was wrong and immediately called the exterminators. Their conclusion: Bedbugs, a lot of them. The case was so sever that they were advised to move out for a week, until they get it under control.

Maya did move out but never came back. She filed a $450.000 lawsuit against the real estate agency that rented them the apartment.

"The plaintiffs were bitten over portions of their bodies by bedbugs," the court papers say. Apparently unbeknown to plaintiffs, the premises were infested with bedbugs."

The good thing tho is that SNL is preparing the skit for this, can’t wait to see it.

Maya Rudolph bedbugs case

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