Team Rosie or Team Donald?

Donald Trump definitely doesn’t let Rosie get away with this and strikes back in The Insider’s exclusive unrated video.
Team Donald everybody!

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  1. Malaika 22 December 2006 at 5:49 pm #

    I’m for Donald. Don’t mess with the Trumpster! It’s about time somebody got Rosie straight. And he’s right! Rosie is mean and disgusting. She needed someone to open up a can of a*@ whop on her.

  2. sierra 23 December 2006 at 8:39 am #

    From Donald’s actions I would say that he has dementia, or he is on the verge of a mental breakdown.

    Get over yourself Donald. You did file for bankrupcy protection for two of your casinos. Who does that if they’re swimming in doug like you professes to be. At the least it shows that The Donald doesn’t have much business sense, that he couldn’t forsee that these two casinos were going to go into the red!

    And Rosie is right, who the hell is Donald Trump to be passing judgement on how anyone lives their life. Ever heard about stones, and glass houses. If Donald was coming from a point of view of a reformed, suddenly religious man, then perhaps his two cents would be valid, and would count for something, but it’s obvious from his vile words about Rosie, that he is NO religious man.

    Besides who hasn’t realized that the pageants are just a meat market for over-fed wealthy business men. Donald you are doing no-one a great service by having young women showing their half naked asses on National T.V.
    How about giving young women scholarships based on their academic acheivements, and their volunteer work, rather than on how well they can do their makeup, walk around in a dress, and fill out a bikini!

    How come Donald has not created a MR. AMERICA pageant yet! My bet is he has no desire to see a bunch of men in speedos, or tuxedos. Plus we know he’s less likely to impress the majority of his straight millionaire friends with half naked men.
    Can’t young men use scholarships too, can’t they represent America just as well as a woman can!

    DONALD is an opportunist! Plain and simple. And one who’s losing his mind at that!

  3. gerard Vandenberg 4 July 2007 at 7:50 pm #

    Donald-TRICKY-Trump is speakig again, again? Asshole, don’t start all this Rosy Bullshit and announce en public that you are just a pathetic piece a shit. By the way, go SHITTING and ask Melany if she want to whipe your ass?

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    get away with this and strikes back in The Insider’s exclusive unrated video.

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