10 Best TV Moments of 2006

According to tvdramas.about.com web site this is the top 10 list of best TV moments in 2006.

“2006 brought us loads of great television moments. From that grand prison escape to saving the cheerleader and the world, find out what we think were the best moments of television in 2006.”

Top 10 Best TV moments of 2006 - Ugly Betty

10) Ugly Betty: Ugly is the New Beautiful
For decades, people have enjoyed wonderful television shows with beautiful characters. Then along came Betty, an unattractive woman with an ordinary life who scores an incredible gig working as an executive assistant for a top fashion magazine. Within seconds, millions of viewers fell in love with this sweet and intelligent young woman and soon we all believed that ugly is indeed the new beautiful!

Top 10 Best TV moments of 2006  

9) House: House Gets Shot
The final episode of season two shocked everyone when House was shot by a former patient's husband and then treated viewers to a very trippy episode. In the end, House asked Cuddy to give him Ketamine — and when season three premiered, we were delighted when the drug worked and House was sans cane. Too bad the drug wore off and the grumpy doc is now facing jail time.

Top 10 Best TV moments of 2006

8) Kyle XY Puts ABC Family on the Map
The absolutely adorable and mysterious Kyle XY charmed everyone this past summer. Who is Kyle XY? We think he may be an experiment of some sort, but he could very well be an alien. Whoever he is, this young man has brought viewers in the millions to ABC Family and they couldn't be happier.

Top 10 Best TV moments of 2006

7) Grey's Anatomy: Derek and Meredith's Reunion
After watching a season of Derek and Meredith playing that good 'ole cat and mouse game, viewers were treated to a hot and heavy tryst between the two love doctors during the season two finale.

Top 10 Best TV moments of 2006

6) Charmed: And They Lived Happily Ever After
After watching the Halliwell sisters fight demons, vampires, elders, avatars, boyfriends and even death, it was refreshing to see these women 80 years in the future living the lives they had always dreamed of having. The finale may have been a bit corny, but we still loved it all the same!

Top 10 Best TV moments of 2006

5) Lost: The Others Live in Houses
The first scene in the season three premiere had millions of viewers gasping when during a cozy book club meeting, Juliet and the Others hear a loud noise, step outside (along with the fake Henry Gale a.k.a. Ben) of their houses to see the Oceanic Flight 815 break in two and crash on their island. As the scene pans away, we see a cluster of houses buried deep in the island!

Top 10 Best TV moments of 2006

4) The Sopranos: Uncle Junior Shoots Tony Soprano
If ever there was a moment where viewers needed Depends to watch a television show, this was the time.

3) Heroes: Save the Cheerleader, Save the World, Save NBC
After being the punch line of many industry jokes, the ailing NBC finally found ratings gold in this epic drama about people with extraordinary abilities. The tagline "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" never gets old, especially now that fans are hooked, line and sinker. Let's just hope the return of Jack Bauer doesn't spell death for the cheerleader.

Top 10 Best TV moments of 2006

2) 24: The Day Ends Well Until….
After clearly the most intense day in all five seasons of 24 came to an end, all seemed to be hunky-dory until Jack was captured by the Chinese government and tortured to the point that he begged for death!

Top 10 Best TV moments of 2006 - Prison Break

1) Prison Break: The Big Escape

After sitting on pins and needles all season, the boys made their big escape last May….and not everyone made it out alive! Anyone else grind their teeth into a painful migraine during the finale?

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  1. carson 1 January 2007 at 2:49 am #

    all these shows suck but one. i am a self proclaimed tv whore and i don’t even watch most this crap.

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