Melania Trump nude photos!

Melania Trump nude photos

Another bad week for Trump, at least according to this photos.  Believe it or not, but Melania is not that innocent as we might’ve thought. Some nude photos are found and have been released on the Internet including a lesbian pose with her holding another naked woman.

On a second thought, they are not that controversial as Britney’s pics. This is art people.

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  1. sierra 7 January 2007 at 11:00 am #

    This is MUCH WORSE than the BRITNEY situation. This not ART, it a woman who for profit, DELIBERATELY exposed her breasts and vagina for someone to photograph. In BRITNEYS case, some sleazy photographer, trying to make a quick buck, (instead of getting a REAL JOB), photographed her coming out of a car. Unfortunetly her skirt had accidentally rode up, and the picture was taken of her, and then SOLD by the cameraman to make a quick buck. BRITNEY didn’t sign any releases for the photographs to be published, like MELANIA DID. BRITNEY didn’t even know that the photgraphs existed until they were published by some sleaze balls.
    MELANIA made a decision to have her privates photograped. BRITNEY DID NOT!

    There’s a BIG difference.

    IT IS TOTAL HYPOCRISY, that a model or movie star who shows their private parts intentionally is considered ART, but when some sleaze ball photographer, takes a photograph of the a woman who is coming out of her car, (and whose skirt has ridden up, UNINTENTIONALLY exposing her private parts), is called all sorts of VILE names.

    In BRITNEY’S case it is the photographers that are wrong, AND the photographers who are actually CREEPY.
    BRITNEY’S ONLY mistake was to not wear underwear one night, (something I’m sure millions of American women do everyday), the only difference is that unlike these millions of women, Britney has sleazy photographers following her everywhere trying to make a QUICK BUCK off her.

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