Paris writes a letter to “fans”

Paris Hilton letter to fans

Paris Hilton posted a message on boyfriend Starvos Niarchos's MySpace page yesterday, this is what she had to say:



I'm sure you've heard it over the news on on some gossip blog – but, there has been a website that was made. On the website contains personal things, pictures/videos/writings, etc.

Yes, I am ashamed and overly embarrassed about my personal items being put publicly out there. The videos and pictures contain some explicit things, and things I've done in the past. PLEASE note that the pictures and videos were from years ago, when I was wild and just partied all the time.

I'm writing this because I want my fans to know that I am no longer that way that is shown on the website. It's unfortunate that things had to be let out this way, and I am extremely sad that some one would go out of their way just to make me feel low. It just go's to show that I have people out there to get me for something I haven't done…& it's too bad that people treat me in such an unkind and cruel way, when I have done nothing to anyone.

I know that my true fans will stick with me until this goes away. I want to thank those who have been nothing but possitive with this situation.

Love always,

How touchy.

Source: Celebrity Nation

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  1. Emily 31 January 2007 at 1:13 pm #

    She’s right. She really is just a person like you or I. People are jealous of her monitary situation (yes, she flaunts it) so they try to make money off of it. I never felt bad for the whore until I read her statement.

  2. Nasdaq7 10 June 2007 at 8:13 am #

    Yes sure Paris. Why don’t you be more precise and disclose what happened at those parties. I’ve seen the videos. Too bad the rest haven’t seen what you buy with your money. Tables full of cocaine.

    I hope you are learning there is more to life than celebrity. How about some common sense and responsibility, like Princess Diana.

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