Which Leo do you like more?

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar role in Blood Diamond

If you ask me, Leonardo DiCaprio played much better role in “The Departed” than in “Blood Diamond”, and yet it was that role that brought him the nominations for the lead actor.  What do you think?

Leonardo DiCaprio The Departed Oscar nomination

David Carr in N.Y. Times Oscar guy says: “A vote for Leo is a vote for Leo”, and I agree but comparing what Leo gave in both movies, it’s clear that his performance in “The Departed” was way, way beyond what he managed to do in Zwick's film.

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  1. Ella 8 February 2007 at 1:44 am #

    hard choice, because he was really excellent in both and the characters he portrays are totally different. He certainly deserves an Oscar but it looks like Forest W is gonna win since he’s won everything else. I saw his film, but to me, Forest was good but not as good as Leo. His part in the movie wasn’t even that big.

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