UPDATE on Anna Nicole’s death!

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Anna Nicole’s attorney Ron Rale has released a statement that the 39 year old actress/model/diet spokesperson is dead.  Despite efforts to revive her both at the hospital and in route, she was pronounced dead around 2:49pm.  Anna was found unconscious in her hotel room around 2:00.

He stated that she was suffering from “cold and flu” symptoms this week and had complained of having a fever last night.  While not present at the time of the emergency call, Anna’s boyfriend/lawyer/Svengali-figure, Howard K. Stern, is now at Miami hospital and is being described as “overwhelmingly distraught.”

Isn’t it strange that her son first died all of a sudden and than Anna as well? Do I smell conspiracy?

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  1. johanne 10 February 2007 at 8:40 pm #

    I heart go’s out to anna nicole, she was a kind person who the world made fun off and never really listened to a woman crying out just to be excepted. This whole thing with the estate of her late husbad, his son should be ashamed.Give the woman whats coming to her and leave her alone.To a man with his weath what is a few million dollars.As for he new daughter, do the test and move on , let this poor woman rest in peace.Life has been hard on her from the moment she came into the world and her parents should feel the pain now that she is dead, its to late to make up for their mistakes and give anna nicole the love she was so deprived of as a child growing up…All in all she was a good person and a kind person and full of life and she loved her son with true love and for what her mother said on tv,how dare her accuse anna…look in the mirror lady….
    rest in peace anna nicole a good part of this world loves you and their hearts go out to you…

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