Brad and Angie wear masks to be like normal people

Brad Angelina Orleans Trouble 

Sometimes it's not easy being one of the most famous couples on the planet.  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have bailed on Los Angeles and returned to their recently purchased home in the Big Easy and according to a report Brad and Angelina are getting into the spirit of their new hometown, New Orleans.  There is one problem, though.  As they try to fit in and relax with the every day people the crowds can turn into a mob.

Brad Angelina Orleans Trouble

Ben Widdicombe has an item in today's Gatecrasher that describes such a scene and Brangelina wound up having to don disguises to escape a mob. 
The report from the New York Daily News details that the stars dined with two other couples at Arnaud's Friday night in the French Quarter, where many were celebrating Mardi Gras early.   "Brad and Angelina are trying to make friends with regular people in NOLA," a New Orleans insider dished to the News.

Brad Angelina Orleans Trouble

According to the source, "Bourbon St. was packed that night, and when Brad and Angelina were trying to leave, they kept getting mobbed by all the people."  That of course presented a problem.  "One of the bodyguards came upstairs and asked us if they could have some beads and masks so they could get back home without getting noticed."

It must have worked.  Widdicombe deadpans, "When you're as famous as Brad and Angelina, it's too bad Mardi Gras comes but once a year.  It must be fun to live in a place where you have to go out in beads and masks to be normal!"

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