Boy George is one twisted “coquin” dude!

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Following the latest craziness surrounding Boy George this one just came in. Some Norwegian male escort guy accused Boy George of kidnapping and chaining him to a wall in his home in London. Sexy huh?

 “Mr Carlsen claimed he met the former Culture Club star on the website Gaydar, and agreed to go to his flat at midnight as a £400 photographic model. He denied he was working as an escort. But the Norwegian said he feared for his life when Boy George pounced on him and tied him up. “I was convinced I was going to die,” he said. “George handcuffed me to a hook by the bed as they held me down.”
He alleges that Boy George, whose hits include Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?, produced a box of whips and sex toys and told him: “Now you’ll get what you deserve.”


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