Lady or a Tramp, I mean Trump


The word on the street is that Donald Trump is teaming up with Fox to do a reality show “Lady or a Trump”. It’s about a bunch of “party girls” that gets to be transformed into the Trump gals, meaning he’ll teach them proper manners and behavior. Now that’s so original.

This sounds familiar, it’s gonna be like that lame/fake show “The House of Hilton”. I wonder who’s gonna be the host. Tara Conner perhaps?

3 Comments to “Lady or a Tramp, I mean Trump”

  1. nicole 17 June 2007 at 9:36 am #

    it is true about the show.i saw the add on tv
    but i dont know whos going to be the host

  2. gerard Vandenberg 18 June 2007 at 6:23 pm #

    Asshole Trump is speaking again! You know how real entrepreneurs distinguish themselves? They never use their own name. Asshole Trump is so unsure of himself, every company, estate, building or golfclub is called Trump-something. He lives in the States where it was common to show the outside world how much money you own. But that era is history!
    Asshole Trump was very mad when he was called millionaire, not billionair!
    So Melanie, you married a real LOSER because getting mad of such things!
    I dare to say and I’m absolute sure of the fact he is absolutely NO, I repeat NO billionaire! No Problem, but for asshole Trump it was. When you succeed and want to become a successfull entrepreneur, you must eliminate proudness, being real smart and have real fun at everything you do. Richard Branson has the right FEELING! Asshole Trump will be remembered as a pathetic, sad and unsure Asshole-Human being!

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