“Welcome to L.A” party


Tom Cruise is flying back to L.A. to host a “Welcome to L.A.” party for Becks. How weird is that, throwing a party because your “best friends” came to L.A.? Do I need to mention the invitations for this tacky event were sent all over Hollywood and were printed on red velvet with some gold lettering? OMG!

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  1. gerard Vandenberg 21 July 2007 at 9:27 am #

    To host a welcome party? They’re all as crazy as hell!! Are those people, including those “Becks” fucking weirdo’s or what? What the hell did they contribute, in a positive way to the Californians in particular and the United States in general? Exactly, just nothing is the only right answer!! And now must FAGGOT-FRIEND Tommy host some kind of “welcome” party. Yeah right, you mean a party to say GOODBYE!!

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