Usher & Tameka wedding pictures

usher_wedding_images usher_wedding_images

The no.x wedding that was held in Atlanta this Saturday.  Finding out that this wedding was just the follow up of the one that was held on August 3rd makes me wonder, why is it that some people have multiply weddings. Istn’t one enough?

p.s. I hope no one slipped on that glass dance floor

usher_wedding_images usher_wedding_images

usher_wedding_images usher_wedding_images

One Comment to “Usher & Tameka wedding pictures”

  1. TreasureThis 13 September 2007 at 8:55 pm #

    I think that she has something on him. The womanis obviously after his money and the fact that his mother did not attend the wedding is a red-flag in my eyes. Chilli was a better match for him and she doesnt look all that crazy. She only had one child and appears to be drama free unlike Tameka. The woman has 4 kids and it doesnt look like shes gonna slow down. I betcha when Usher realizes that the honeymoon is over and he has to take care of a buncha kids that arent his he’s gonna pack up that witch and all her spwans and send them back to the ghetto they came from!

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