Paris Hilton talk makes no sence at all

When People Magazine asked Paris to comment on recent rumors about adopting four blonde babies, Paris Hilton somehow started talking about Adrian Grenier and how she enjoys having some intellectual environmental talk with him, even tho it had little or nothing to do with adopting four blonde babies.

“Someone just said that I’m adopting four blonde babies,” Hilton told People magazine”That’s retarded. No, I’m not.” Totally just friends,” says Hilton about Adrian Grenier. “We met a couple years ago, we’ve stayed friends. He’s been like kind of a mentor to me, teaching me about the environment and what I can do. I think it’s cool to talk to someone in L.A. who has more to talk about than all this artificial crap people talk about. It’s nice to talk to someone who’s real."

BTW, how many times can you say “talk” in one sentence?

4 Comments to “Paris Hilton talk makes no sence at all”

  1. gerard Vandenberg 18 September 2007 at 8:03 pm #

    She simply doen’t get in the (gossip) news colums by her achievements. Because she has NONE. Yeah O.K., shopping. But every dumb, blond and lazy ass can do that. Oh Yeah, here are coming the fucking FAGGOTS also!! So when you witness a fucking FAGGOT shopping, it’s certain, for about eighty percent the ASSHOLE is a FAGGOT. That’s why david buckham and asspall tommy cruis shop so often……… SHOP til you DROP DEAD!!

  2. limo 22 September 2007 at 12:49 am #

    gerard, what the fuck? So if a man shops he’s gay? Are you kidding? On the contrary, men who ALWAYS let their wives shop for them are gay and lack personality. Like you said, David Beckham is a prime example of that. HE NEVER shops, he just tags along with Victoria who dresses him up like a doll.

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