Drugs+police+security+paparazzi is just another day in Britney’s life


Can’t we have the entire 24 hours without hearing some b.s. from Britney? In her latest venture she sends out her driver to get her some illegal goodies while she’s checking into the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. Meanwhile, X17 paparazzi with three cameras are breaking into the hotel beating up a security guard. Shortly after, the police arrive and arrests the entire X17 crew (see the video).

Now while all this is happening, another set of X17 paparazzi was following Britney’s driver, thinking Brit is inside the car as well. Turns out she wasn’t and the driver made his turn into the dark alley to get some illegal goodies.

Witnesses inside are allegedly 95% sure she is using crystal meth on the premises. If so, this could get really dirty and messy.

It’s like watching the latest episode of SCI.

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  1. kristal 3 October 2007 at 5:05 pm #

    How about having 100% proof, before you start writing things about other people. How would you like it is someone got on facebook, and started spreading around that they were 95% sure that YOU were using meth. You wouldn’t like that much would you?!

  2. Andrea 7 October 2007 at 2:15 pm #

    I don’t know, as everyone else, if Britney Spears is a junkie or not but I do know that no one, I mean no one, gives her the benefit of the doubt. If I were her, I might not show for the hearing either. When you know that all the cards are laid against you, there is no point in delaying the obvious. True, she has fucked up big time but living her life with a stage mother and making millions doesn’t make for a normal adulthood. I hope that she can sort herself out and give her kids the mom they deserve. In the meantime, she needs to get on the straight track. There’s nothing worse than looking back and regretting your mistakes. I still think it’s her mother’s fault. If she had been more supportive and been a mother instead of a “manager”, perhaps Britney would have been able to grow as a person and become a good parent and spouse in her adult years.

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