Angie is not ready to forgive her dad


Some tabloids have been reporting for the past couple of days about a possible reunion with Angie and her father John Voight this weekend. Falls alarm folks! Us Magazine dig up on that rumor and it turns out Angie is still not ready to forgive her father and there won’t be reunions of any kind.

Voight’s rep said, “It’s all a mistake. They didn’t see each other all weekend.”

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  1. gerard Vandenberg 12 October 2007 at 10:27 pm #

    She simply is a severe BRAINWASHED pathetic lady. She thinks she can save the world by adopting ass hell and trying to do all the secundairy situations by her own person. Now is her dad the sucker, tomorrow: who knows? Just ask for the help of others. Almost alone with asshole pitt standing on the sideline you’re able to do just NOTHING!! yeh O.K: SHITTING!!

  2. marto 12 October 2007 at 10:31 pm #

    Angelina Jolie is full of shit, if Jennifer Ansiton has forgiven her for breaking her marriage then why cant she forgive her father. I dont see anything wrong if the father tried to correct her, it’s true Angelina is a drug addicted anorexic mentally unstable Whore, she cant preach the word of love and compassion and at the same time frustrating her father. I remember when she won Oscar Award the father was there and she told everyone how she loved him very much. Angeline is an ass hole and a selfish bitch. What good does it do to Shilou? denying her to have fun with her grandfather? It’s dispeakable to me. Angelina has done too many bad things in her life but she expects it to be erased. Remember you broke up Billy Bob and Laura Dern, Brad & Jenn so what if Angelina’s father had an affair? Angelina was not married to her father that she cant forgive him. Angelina can pretend infront of the world but she is still as Evil as before, adopting kids is a way of changing her image – period. I wonder how it makes Angelina feel sleeping next to a man who was never meant to be hers? Thief, liar, pain in the ass and a Hollywood WHORE that is what Angelina is.

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