Britney court saga continues…


L.A. County Court Commissioner Scott Gordon has granted Britney Spears one monitored overnight visit with her kids per week, which is kinda surprising giving the fact she was being sarcastic while giving her testimony.

“We’re told Spears had a back and forth with the Commish that lasted approximately 40 minutes. She constantly interrupted him and at times was extremely sarcastic. At one point she started thanking the judge for what he had done, but her tone was heavily laced with disdain.

We’re told the Commish explained to Spears how she had gotten to the point she’s at — why defying the various orders she was supposed to comply with raised concerns that she was not a responsible person. Spears didn’t get it. She was at times contentious, argumentative and condescending.”

Clearly she doesn’t want her kids, as KFed’s lawyers didn’t even object on her testimony. Whatever, she’s definitely gone crazy.

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  1. gerard Vandenberg 14 October 2007 at 9:54 am #

    You look to me as a panicked little desperate girl. Who wants to “cover” her misery by wearing enormous sunglasses. But there still isn’t available a “sunglasses” for your brains which will discover all the problems you’re in. It’s maybe weird but the the way your nails are polished tells the story of a PANICKED, SCARED and a LITTLE KID………………..START WRITING!!

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