Chris Brown is quite a package


You may not be a fan of Chris Brown’s music, but man I gotta tell ya, that kid is definitely blessed with some hidden talents. Bring it on Chris!

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  1. whitney 15 December 2009 at 8:24 pm #

    well i am a fan of chris i kno he a package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i like hiz wait i love diz man. but i like rihanna music 2.she waz rite wen she said he suldn’t hit a woman,.,.,.,,. but u gotta think bout dat shit she needed her azz beat chris seem like a real gun n nice person. he dnt just beat ppl 2 beat dem. like day said on bad girls she needed her azz beat. but u dnt judge a book by it’s cover he may seem like a nice person but may not b.but i think he iz(I STILL LOVE YOU CHRIS AND I GONE BUY YOUR CD YOU KONW IT)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO WHO SIDE AM I ON………………..I DONT EVEN KONE IT’S 50/50 WELL MORE 60/40. 60 4 CHRIS 40 4 RIHANNA.BUT I STILL LIKE HER MUSIC

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