Gary Coleman is waiting for the right moment

Ok, let me get this straight. Gary Coleman and his 22 year old wife, Shannon Price, are married for like, what… 7 months or so, and you’re telling me they still haven’t done it? I can understand if you don’t get lucky on the first date, I can even understand if you’re waiting for the right moment, or whatever b.s. people are using as an excuse, and wait for the entire month before scoring touch down, but who the hell doesn’t do it on their wedding night? It’s like buying a hot dog and the guy tells you he ran out of mustard, or something like this. You know what I mean.


Gary was also amazed with the fact that Shannon didn’t know who he was, because the guy didn’t believe that:

“I would ever meet a human being on Earth who didn't know who I was and didn't care”

Of course she didn’t know about Different Strokes, she just got into this world Gary. Duh!


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