Blakey’s dirty fantasies revealed

Turns out Amy’s looser hubby Blake Civil has a penpal in prison.  Her name is Mellisa and she is serving two-and-a-half years for conspiracy to supply class A drugs. Sounds to me he found a dealer, they should really check those letters, it could very be the paper is not really the paper, but some new age drug that’s dissolving in water or other crazy 007 shit.

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In any case, it all started when Mellisa wrote to Blake wishing him luck in beating heroin in prison, as she had done, which is probably a code for, ‘yeah, I’m the dealer in this joint, meet me up on a playground after lunch’. Soon after, Blake started talking about bondage and violent heroin-fuelled orgies. He was going on about how he will perform unnatural sex acts on her, how he’d bend her all over the place, with his junkie hand round her throat, then he would squeeze it whilst her s****** him and he’d ask her if she’s a dirty b***h, and umm… you know,  things like that.

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The Sun has the full story on this, so if you wanna read more click here, I had enough. Just imagining these two makes me sick to my stomach.

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