Lady Gaga’s penis boots are too crazy for American Idol

Lady Gaga's Penis Boots on American Idol

Come on American Idol…you thought a woman who wears a raw meat dress and cocoons herself in an egg for the Grammy’s, wasn’t going to bring the crazy to your show? Tsk tsk…they don’t call her the Fame Monster for being the girl next door.

This time, it was Lady Gaga’s $4,500 excessively distracting (or delicious?) pair of black boots with a heel shaped like, well, a penis, that caused American Idol to slap a logo to their sides.  Of course they taped the show, but producers made sure to censor Gaga for all the kiddies watching from home.

Really American Idol…if you want a mentor for a young audience, you might not want to choose someone who shops at a store that “fuses the overt sexuality of rubber, vinyl and plastic textiles and striking body-conscious silhouettes with modern tailoring and artisan techniques to form a collection that is both beautiful and provocative”,  just sayin’.

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