Bin Laden’s #1 mistress spills the beans on Murder! Rape! And Shopping??

Osama Bin Laden's leading mistress, Kola Boof

Side piece, booty call, under cover lover, jump-off, hit it and quit it chick….ok ok, that’s enough…whatever you want to call her, Bin Laden’s secret mistress Kola Boof is finally getting piece of mind (if she hasn’t already lost her mind) about being his number one ‘go to gal’.

Kola Boof claims to have been Bin Laden’s mistress for years and finally now after his death, she’s able to grab a little bit of spotlight and tell us all the crazy details.

Not going to lie, after seeing Kola Boof’s photo, don’t you applaud Bin Laden for keepin’ it real and dipping into the dark chocolate?  I mean who could resist a jump-off that also cooks, writes you poetry, and doesn’t fight with your other wives?

“I did his hair, I cooked for him, he gave me jewels and money”

Hmm, really Boof? You did his hair? Did you do it in the dark because homeboy’s hair hasn’t looked good for years.

I don’t know about you, but after hearing about Kola Boff I’m not sure whether I should be sympathetic, die of laughter, or give her a high five.

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