It was an accident

Heh this is really funny. Courtney is out having fun with little Coco and than she pulls up mammy’s bikini top and there you have it people… whole boob is out.  The kid is learning fast!

courtney cox nipple slip

courtney cox nipple slip

Lindsay Lohan is a fire crotch

Lindsay is a fire crotch, her freckles are coming out of her v****a, her clitoris is 7 foot long… what a language, but that’s nothing comparing what else Brandon Davis had to say about Lindsay Lohan in this paparazzi video. And Paris what was she doing… well she was a dumb ass as always.

brandon davis talks about lindsay lohan video

K-Fed wants to have threesome with Jessica Alba

K-Fed has got a new look. Recently he was on a radio show, were he admitted on air, in front of the entire nation, that he would like to have threesome with Jessica Alba. I don’t know how Britney was reacting to this, but I’m guessing with her pregnancy mood swings she had to be furious. BTW, don’t know if you heard about this but, Britney is having a baby girl.

jessica alba naked kfed threesome  britney spears naked  

She will hold a press conference on May 4th. Nobody knows what she wants to talk about. Wouldn’t it be cool if she dump K-fed during the press conference?

What a bikini!

There are bikinis and there are bits of string with nothing caught on them. It’s like wearing children size swim wear.

emma B's  tiny bikini wear

Emma B is Brian Harvey’s girl. Remember Brian, that blond guy from East 17.
Anyway she was spotted flocking around in the sea in the Caribbean wearing absolutely nothing. While Brian was chilling out in his hotel, Emma took her rubber tyre and hit the beach. I wonder why would she need that rubber thing, I’m pretty sure she can float herself with those bazookas.

emma bikini wear emma B's  tiny bikini wear

emma B's  tiny bikini wear emma B's  tiny bikini wear

emma B's  tiny bikini wear

Keira has hairy legs

keira vanity fear pictures

Keira has revealed she was terrified of stripping off for Vanity Fair magazine – because she had hairy legs.

She told Access Hollywood: "We got there and they said: 'Do you mind doing it in the nude?'

"And we said: 'What?' I thought: 'I can’t. I haven’t shaved my legs.' And they said: 'Don’t worry we will retouch.'"

However the Pride And Prejudice star is now happy she did the shoot.

She added: "It was hilarious, I loved it. It makes me giggle every time I see it.

"I haven’t had anyone come up and say they didn’t like it. It is a mischievous streak coming out. Actually I think it is quite funny.

"I think it is something to show the grandchildren."

However, it turns out body hair isn't the only thing that worries her. Keira has revealed she is not happy with her boobs or the shape of her legs.

She said: "I’d love to have tits, but I don’t – I have pecs.

"I hate my body. I like so many other people's bodies. I like legs – a good pair of legs on someone else always makes me jealous!"

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