Another assistant to Naomi Campbell bites the dust

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ANOTHER Naomi Campbell assistant has bitten the dust. The sybaritic supermodel parted ways with her latest underling on a British Airways London-L.A. flight last week. Before boarding, Naomi was heard complaining on the phone about service. Then, she turned on her assistant. "Naomi was angry because some dresses didn't get where they were supposed to go, and the assistant yelled that she was quitting," says our snitch. "Passengers complained to the stewardess, who was going to get the pilot, when they stopped their screaming match. Then they didn't speak to each other for several hours." Campbell's rep didn't return calls.

Jordan is selling her boobs on eBay!

Jordan is giving fellas a chance to make their dreams come true — by flogging her BOOBS on eBay.
The busty babe is waiting for an op to make her current 32FF bazookas “more pert”.

And yesterday she revealed she will put her discarded silicone implants up for sale on the web auction site.

Jordan, 27, reckons having children Harvey, now four, and eight-month-old Junior have made Britain’s most famous pair sag.

And she told Radio 1’s Chris Moyles:

“I’m having them reduced because I want them a bit more pert. I’ve had them eight years now. So it’s time for a new pair and I’ll sell this lot on eBay.”

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Clooney gets cosy with Lucy Liu again!

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George Clooney and Lucy Liu have been spotted once again enjoying a cosy evening together at Bed club in Miami.

If sources are to be believed, the pair enjoyed a five-course meal and plenty of champagne, before getting down to action.

"She was all over him," The Mirror quoted a witness, as saying.
"And he didn't mind a bit. In fact, his hands started to wander," the witness added.

This is the second time in a month the pair were found canoodling with each other, sparking rumours that they have rekindled their relationship.

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lucy liu naked

Jordan and Peter to name next baby ‘Pink’

When is this crazy baby name trend gonna go away. Apparently Jordan and Peter have just joined in. They are planning to name their next child ‘Pink’, says Australian AP.

"We will have another child," said Jordan. "We'd love to have a little girl. I'd have to call her Pink or Princess, because she'd be my princess."

Meanwhile, she is also planning to have another breast op. I just hope is not enlarging those huge boobs even more. It looks disgusting already, maybe I’m just saying that ‘cause I’m a girl. Who knows maybe some guys find it sexy.

 "I'm only human, and I'm not as pert as I was," she admitted. "If I can find a doctor who will make me more pert but doesn't leave me with massive scars than I'll have an operation – if I can't then I won't."

jordan's boobs

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Sophie Marceau boob slip

Yeah I know this is old news, but I think this is one of the most embarrassing celebrity moments this year. For that reason we are watching it again.

Sophie Marceau at Cannes film festival this year. She is giving an interview and bam, the boob gets out.  Sooo embarrassing!


Brad Pitt caught with his pants down

brad pitt naked

Yesterday Brad was caught without pants on the balcony of his Los Angeles home. Nobody is saying what he was wearing, if anything at all. And just when I thought how nice it would be seeing him without pants, even in boxers, his lawyer, John Lavely ruined all the fun. He wrote the letter threatening  legal action against anyone who publishes the shots. Damn.
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