Time to get some sleep…

Look at him.


Actor Robert Blake taking a nap on the parking lot. Why not?

Well not if you are waiting the jury to start selection in the lawsuit filed against him in the death of his wife.

I can not believe someone can be that relaxed while awaiting something like this.  I figure there are two possible reasons for that:

1) he is convinced he’s innocent and doesn’t give a damn


2) he is aware of the guilt and wants to enjoy, what seems to be the last moments of his late afternoon nap.

I guess after 3 years of waiting for the courts decision one can get tired.

P.S. nice shades man

Shooting on Kanye West party

sq-sugeknight-shooting.jpgRapper Kanye West hosted a party in celebration for the MTV music award on August 27th in the Shore Club, Miami, where according to the police rapper mogul Suge Knight, was shot in the right leg.

The Game, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba and Eddie Murphy where among the other celebrities attending the party.
Police and the firefighters surrounded and evacuated the club soon after the shooting took place.

For those of you who don’t know who rapper Suge Knight is, here is the download:

Suge Knight emerged on the music scene in the early 1990s as the founder of Death Row Records, which at one point included Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on its roster.

The mogul has been accused of being behind the deaths of both Notorious B.I.G. and Shakur, although no evidence proving the accusations has emerged. Knight was in the car with Shakur the night he was shot in 1996 and served prison time for violating a parole after a security camera caught the two beating up a rival gang member earlier that evening in Las Vegas.


In 2002, Knight had a confrontation with Snoop at the BET Awards, and last fall, Knight was sitting nearby when now-rival Dre was attacked at the Vibe Awards.

Earlier this year, Knight was sent back to prison for violating parole when police found marijuana in his vehicle. He was released after a week and placed under house arrest for another two months.

Is this someone giving pay-time revenge for 2PAC, or did he himself have something to do with this? I mean you all don’t all believe that he is dead, do you?

Zahara’s “natural” mother is alive

mentewab-dawit.jpgI guess you guys figured by now that I am not a fan of Angelina’s. But, I have to say that what she did with the whole adoption thing and her work as an UN ambassador just blew me away. I give her a big credit for that and think that a lot of other people should fallow her example and do something valuable with their money.

By far we have seen a lot of Zahara’s pictures and we know that she was an orphan and poor child left to starve to death.

Recently newspapers where filled up with the pictures of an 18 year old woman Mentewab Dawit who claims to be the “natural” mother of Zahara?

If this is the REAL mother, than she had to relinquish the custody of her child for whatever reason, for Zahara to be classified as an orphan, according the U.S. Immigration system.

Want to know the reason why she did this? Here is the full story:

Mentewab was brutally raped when she was 17. She got pregnant, but decided to keep the baby after all. Little Zahara was born on 7th of January in town Hosana.
“When I saw my baby for the first time, I was the happiest women on Earth, says Mentewab, and decided to give her name Setota (Gift).
After the birth Mentewab got a job at a local construction firm, but couldn’t even afford to have the proper meal with the money that she was earning there.
“My usual meal would consist of one peace of bread”, states Mentewab, and this was not enough to feed my baby, and she started loosing weight rapidly.

Soon after she had to give the baby for an adoption, where little Setota was named Zahara.

Now, Mentewab is happy that her little daughter has a new home and is happy that her baby got saved from starvation and poverty.

Good work Angelina.

Hilton family left fuming family reunion


Who hasn't heard of love affair between Paris and Paris? Soon after their love romance turned into engagement, and even sooner after they broke up.
Miss Hilton started preparing the wedding; we saw her buying the dress etc. But was fiancee Paris really serious? Turned out he didn't even bother to tell his parents about engagement.
Imagine the scene… Two richest families got together to discuss upcoming nuptials, on a luxury yacht somewhere in Greece, but one of them knew nothing about it. This is hilarious. I have even heard the rumors about Latsis's family were not approving the wedding at all, based on previous experiences with Miss Hilton on prime time.
Can you imagine how the Hilton must have felt?
This just made me think how serious this was after all?

Guess we won't be seeing Miss Hilton for a while.

Courtney Love is pregnant by Alan Partridge

Courtney, widow of Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain, woke up one morning after her two-week drug-fuelled sex fling with Coogan, only to discover days later that she is pregnant.
She hasn’t made any decisions about whether she should keep the baby or not, but clearly this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Take a look at this inside scoop where she confesses to her long time friend about Alan:


Courtney: "Tell me honestly…what does it make me look like that I slept with Alan Partridge?
"Given the grade A stars I’ve dated it’s embarrassing. I mean…Alan Partridge!"

Than her friend revealed something that I am sure you didn’t know about Alan (if you know who he is at all, hahaha)

Friend: "Steve laid all the lines on Courtney. She’s such a fragile being at the moment and she believed every word he said.
"He told her how special she was to him and that he wanted her to come with him to visit his grandmother in Cork.
"He admitted seeing seven other women as well as Courtney but he told her he wasn’t in love with any of them—he was falling in love with her."
Courtney: "It was literally non-stop sex. Steve is a f***ing sex addict and has a major substance problem.
"He even asked me to get ten Viagra pills for him so that he could keep going, despite the fact he was past the point of exhaustion.
"When I was with Steve, I did things that I shouldn’t have done. I passed the line of what even I think is normal."
"He got a whole load of paraphernalia from the Hustler store up the road from their hotel.
Friend: "She also told me Steve talked her into doing something unsafe and said, ‘If he’s given me anything, I swear to God, I’m going to cut his d*** off!’


Apparently he did give her something. And buy the time she founded out it was too late. She produced a positive sample to her weekly urine test, broke her probation, and was sentenced to a three-week stint at a rehab centre in Newport, California.
People, use condoms!

Another lawsuit, damn! I should have been a lawyer.

50-cents.jpgIf you live in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania than you have probably seen Gary Barbera’s Enterprises new advertisements promoting his company with the slogan: "Just like 50 says!"  where Curtis James Jackson III ( bet you did not know his real name ), appears next to gorgeous Dodge Magnum.

In the lawsuit James described himself as “a hugely popular and extremely successful hip-hop music artist … known for his good looks, ‘gangsta’ image and hard knocks success story." Now this is what I call self confidence. Why can’t I say something like this about myself? Does this has to do with rap, or you are just born like this? Maybe if I start raping, get one of those bling bling thing, throw myself into that direction a bit, my self confidence will rise up? Hmm… For such successful music artist with those good looks you have to pay $1 million if you are not careful, as this is what the lawsuit seeks for.

Couple of words of wisdom for all store-keepers: Watch out how you set up your prices, or you can also find your budget short for  $1 million.

Rod Stewart in court?

stewart_rod.jpgStill remember Rod Stewart?

80’s British rocker was sued by gambling giant Harrah’s for breach of contract.

Guess this is what happens when you take $2 million and don’t show up on your  New Year celebration gig. Common’ let’s give him a break, after all he was having an operation at the time, or that is what his manager sad. Let’s wait and see what come out of this.

Reallity TV – again!?

martha.jpg“Donald Trump, You’re fired!”. It looks as if these are the exact words that came from the executive producers on the NBC network showing the hit reality TV series “The Apprentince”.   It seems the replacement by concept man, Mark Burnett is yet another reality TV show. What’s it about? The name of the show is “Catering Apprentice with Martha Stewart”. Alexis Stewart (Marta’s daughter) and Charles Koppelman, are going to be chairmen of the board, and as Mr. Trump USED to say, they will be her “eyes and ears” from week to week.

Personally, my favourite reality shows are:  “The amazing race” and “Survivor”.

After the original brigade of reality TV success, new reality shows seem to be appearing each week.

Will the show be a success like Trump’s apprentice? Martha Stewart premieres September 21, 8-9 pm ET/PT.

After the original brigade of reality TV success, new reality shows seem to be appearing each week.

If you are lucky, you can even catch Hilton’s new reality show. Not sure about the exact name, but it is not that important after all.

 I have to mention this one: Have you seen the show where two old ladies are going to clean people’s houses?! Who would like to do that? I wouldn’t. Can it get worse than that? They even appeared on Oprah!?

Reality TV is back for the summer, so who’s going to be watching?

Slipknot VS Burger King


I bet you are all familiar with heavy metal band Slipknot.
For those of you who are not.. well the easiest way to describe would be.. bunch of weird masked guys (often seen with some strange bizarre accessories), playing good heavy metal.

Now you are wondering what do they have with Burger King, are they also starting one of those campaigns against fast food? No, not really. They don’t really care about this.

Have you noticed new Burger King’s ad campaign?

Coq Roq–a mock metal band was hired as part of a marketing campaign for Burger King’s new chicken fries.

Don’t they remind you of somebody?

Yeah, you are right, the masks, the costumes, even gas mask, a kabuki-style face covering – the Slipknot’s signature masks. I mean they should do better than that. If you are trying to copy someone don’t scream out loud like that. All I would have to say to my project manager would be: YOU ARE FIRED! If you really like some juicy gossip, take a look at this,


Rolling Stones are back people!

Mick_Jagger_Young.jpgHey Rolling Stones are going on tour. What a great news. They are immortal and still so full of energy. At last some good old live music. Can’t wait to see that. Let’s see… the tour starts in Boston on August 21st at Fenway Park, and after … no data… how can that be.. hmm I’ll have to dig up some more. Anyway, I will let you know about the rest of the dates when I find out.

Duke of Hazzard’s premiere in London

jesica-simpson-on-premiere.jpgJessica Simpson…” is this chicken or tuna” well let me tell you this IS a million dollar question. But, this is old news, let’s not talk about that now. Have you noticed how she has lost weight, she is all toned up..nice work trainer, wish I could have your number. Well, maybe if this blog gets that popular I will be able to get myself one, not that I need it that much like she did, but just to join the club of Celebs. Enough about me, let’s see what is Jessica doing. Apparently she is now in Great Brittan on the British premiere of her latest movie: “The Dukes of Hazzard". As you can see she is just glowing. Wish you luck girl.


Brad and Jen’s divorce is final?

brad-pitt.jpgOh, man this one has struck me the most. I mean can you imagine this? Brad and Jennifer are no longer together. After 4.5 years of marriage.

Should we all than tink that all the man are like this?

I mean really, the guy goes to shoot a movie, there is Angelina Jolie, and soon after you see them in Africa and her little son is calling him : DAD!? Should I comment on that? Better if I don’t.

Anyway, the judge in California has sign the papers for divorce, but according to the California law they will be officially divorced on October the 2nd.

Pamela Anderson goes on Larry King show

pamela_anderson.jpgIt is official now. After long debate and talking, finally she is there. Pamela Anderson will host on Larry King’s talk show in CNN studio’s on 22nd of August. She’ll be talking about her life, try to answer all the tricky questions that I am sure Larry has prepared for her. Also, she will promote her new book called: Star Struck: A Novel.