Rolling Stones are back people!

Mick_Jagger_Young.jpgHey Rolling Stones are going on tour. What a great news. They are immortal and still so full of energy. At last some good old live music. Can’t wait to see that. Let’s see… the tour starts in Boston on August 21st at Fenway Park, and after … no data… how can that be.. hmm I’ll have to dig up some more. Anyway, I will let you know about the rest of the dates when I find out.

Duke of Hazzard’s premiere in London

jesica-simpson-on-premiere.jpgJessica Simpson…” is this chicken or tuna” well let me tell you this IS a million dollar question. But, this is old news, let’s not talk about that now. Have you noticed how she has lost weight, she is all toned up..nice work trainer, wish I could have your number. Well, maybe if this blog gets that popular I will be able to get myself one, not that I need it that much like she did, but just to join the club of Celebs. Enough about me, let’s see what is Jessica doing. Apparently she is now in Great Brittan on the British premiere of her latest movie: “The Dukes of Hazzard". As you can see she is just glowing. Wish you luck girl.


Brad and Jen’s divorce is final?

brad-pitt.jpgOh, man this one has struck me the most. I mean can you imagine this? Brad and Jennifer are no longer together. After 4.5 years of marriage.

Should we all than tink that all the man are like this?

I mean really, the guy goes to shoot a movie, there is Angelina Jolie, and soon after you see them in Africa and her little son is calling him : DAD!? Should I comment on that? Better if I don’t.

Anyway, the judge in California has sign the papers for divorce, but according to the California law they will be officially divorced on October the 2nd.

Pamela Anderson goes on Larry King show

pamela_anderson.jpgIt is official now. After long debate and talking, finally she is there. Pamela Anderson will host on Larry King’s talk show in CNN studio’s on 22nd of August. She’ll be talking about her life, try to answer all the tricky questions that I am sure Larry has prepared for her. Also, she will promote her new book called: Star Struck: A Novel.