50-cents.jpgIf you live in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania than you have probably seen Gary Barbera’s Enterprises new advertisements promoting his company with the slogan: "Just like 50 says!"  where Curtis James Jackson III ( bet you did not know his real name ), appears next to gorgeous Dodge Magnum.

In the lawsuit James described himself as “a hugely popular and extremely successful hip-hop music artist … known for his good looks, ‘gangsta’ image and hard knocks success story." Now this is what I call self confidence. Why can’t I say something like this about myself? Does this has to do with rap, or you are just born like this? Maybe if I start raping, get one of those bling bling thing, throw myself into that direction a bit, my self confidence will rise up? Hmm… For such successful music artist with those good looks you have to pay $1 million if you are not careful, as this is what the lawsuit seeks for.

Couple of words of wisdom for all store-keepers: Watch out how you set up your prices, or you can also find your budget short for  $1 million.