Courtney, widow of Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain, woke up one morning after her two-week drug-fuelled sex fling with Coogan, only to discover days later that she is pregnant.
She hasn’t made any decisions about whether she should keep the baby or not, but clearly this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Take a look at this inside scoop where she confesses to her long time friend about Alan:


Courtney: "Tell me honestly…what does it make me look like that I slept with Alan Partridge?
"Given the grade A stars I’ve dated it’s embarrassing. I mean…Alan Partridge!"

Than her friend revealed something that I am sure you didn’t know about Alan (if you know who he is at all, hahaha)

Friend: "Steve laid all the lines on Courtney. She’s such a fragile being at the moment and she believed every word he said.
"He told her how special she was to him and that he wanted her to come with him to visit his grandmother in Cork.
"He admitted seeing seven other women as well as Courtney but he told her he wasn’t in love with any of them—he was falling in love with her."
Courtney: "It was literally non-stop sex. Steve is a f***ing sex addict and has a major substance problem.
"He even asked me to get ten Viagra pills for him so that he could keep going, despite the fact he was past the point of exhaustion.
"When I was with Steve, I did things that I shouldn’t have done. I passed the line of what even I think is normal."
"He got a whole load of paraphernalia from the Hustler store up the road from their hotel.
Friend: "She also told me Steve talked her into doing something unsafe and said, ‘If he’s given me anything, I swear to God, I’m going to cut his d*** off!’


Apparently he did give her something. And buy the time she founded out it was too late. She produced a positive sample to her weekly urine test, broke her probation, and was sentenced to a three-week stint at a rehab centre in Newport, California.
People, use condoms!