mentewab-dawit.jpgI guess you guys figured by now that I am not a fan of Angelina’s. But, I have to say that what she did with the whole adoption thing and her work as an UN ambassador just blew me away. I give her a big credit for that and think that a lot of other people should fallow her example and do something valuable with their money.

By far we have seen a lot of Zahara’s pictures and we know that she was an orphan and poor child left to starve to death.

Recently newspapers where filled up with the pictures of an 18 year old woman Mentewab Dawit who claims to be the “natural” mother of Zahara?

If this is the REAL mother, than she had to relinquish the custody of her child for whatever reason, for Zahara to be classified as an orphan, according the U.S. Immigration system.

Want to know the reason why she did this? Here is the full story:

Mentewab was brutally raped when she was 17. She got pregnant, but decided to keep the baby after all. Little Zahara was born on 7th of January in town Hosana.
“When I saw my baby for the first time, I was the happiest women on Earth, says Mentewab, and decided to give her name Setota (Gift).
After the birth Mentewab got a job at a local construction firm, but couldn’t even afford to have the proper meal with the money that she was earning there.
“My usual meal would consist of one peace of bread”, states Mentewab, and this was not enough to feed my baby, and she started loosing weight rapidly.

Soon after she had to give the baby for an adoption, where little Setota was named Zahara.

Now, Mentewab is happy that her little daughter has a new home and is happy that her baby got saved from starvation and poverty.

Good work Angelina.