Angelina Jolie doesn’t love the unwanted attention she’s been receiving in the Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston split.
And what all of us girls do when we feel depressed? Shopping time!

On Sunday afternoon, 2005 – Angelina Jolie, baby Zahara Marley and assistant, holly shop NYC style as they walk the streets of mid – town Manhattan. Since all of the media coverage surrounding her romance with Brad Pitt and Zahara Marley’s adoption, the trio require the aid of a bodyguard as they stop by Barney’s New York to get some sexy lingerie. Reportedly her assistant marked down all the numbers of all the outfits and than got in touch with Angelina’s designer.
Witnesses even say that she snubbed the salesgirl who tried to help her!?

What did Brad do to upset her so much? Could it be that she can’t wait the divorce to be final and the anticipation just got her?

Jolie picked up a matching black cashmere and cotton robe and long nightgown by GRAZIA’LLIANI. Total cost? $1,000.

Since she was to furious to talk to the lady over the counter the assistant did all the interaction including paying the bill.

Tell me why famous people always have 10 million peoples working for them?
Is it that hard to go and shop what you like, and what you think would look hot on you?
Do you really need an assistant to mark all the sizes for you and the designer to have the final word?