Were you shocked like I was when Eva just showed up on the stage in that skimpy pink Shay Tood bathing suit?
As always celebs are the best advertisement you can get, I bet this will launch Shay Todd’s career straight to the top.

Can’t imagine taking a swim in that. Not because it wouldn’t look nice on me, but rather because "getting out from the water" effect.

How do you make Eva to wear that barely – three outfit, that reminds us more of Paris Hilton then desperate Eva? She ain’t looking that desperate to me.

From my celebrity gossip sources I heard that it was a last minute decision. When her stylists brought the idea of wearing it, she thought he has lost his mind. There’s a good point in that.
It was just couple hours before the show, that Eva tried it on for the first time, so you were able to see the results.

Was I the only one to notice or there are others who think it was poor taste for Eva Longoria to joke about the hurricane that had just killed a lot of people?