Paris Hilton recently made a claim that she has earned all her money by herself, and that the only help she got from her family was the advising part.
Sure you can’t believe that’s s true do you?
She is trying to convince us that she has done it all by herself!?
I doubt that all of the money came from her line of fragrance or dog clothing line that she launched.  And for sure you can’t believe that it came from “Simple Life” or that cheesy movie House of Wax.


too bad her porn video wasn't for sale, she would've made that statement true

But let’s not be that hard on her, I mean the girl “IS TRYING” and like she sad: "I've made all my money on my own without my family and I work very hard.” Just listening to my father . . . So just basically following that and following my heart."
To prove that she started promoting her new fragrance “Paris for man”, in Toronto, on Thursday, and was one hour late.

Guess that’s shows how devoted and hard working she is.

Anyway, she described the perfume as “pheromones", which is like "something that makes people want you, so if you're a guy and you wear the guy's fragrance, girls will want you and vice-versa”. It smells so great on guys; it's really a hot scent."


The perfume is just the latest in a string of projects for Hilton. She is working on two movies and will release her first album just before Christmas.

Could be that she just proved me wrong, maybe she did earn all that by herself? Hm.. Let me think … No, not convincing at all.