50-c.jpgFederal investigators believed that crack kingpin Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff and employees of rap label Murder Inc. plotted to assassinate rapper 50 Cent as revenge for a song detailing McGriff’s criminal past, documents show.

He allegedly felt 50 Cent had exposed just a little too much on the kingpin of Jamaica – Queens in his 2002 mixtape song “Ghetto Qua’ran".

Investigators also probed whether Run-DMC disc jockey Jam Master Jay was shot to death in 2002 for defying an unspoken recording industry black list of 50 Cent.

The allegations are laid out in a previously sealed search warrant affidavit contained in a routine motion filed last week by the defense attorney for Murder Inc. founder Irving "Irv Gotti" Lorenzo.

Lorenzo and his brother Christopher are accused of helping reputed drug dealer Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff launder millions of dollars in drug money through Gotti’s Murder Inc. record label [later rechristened The Inc], home to such stars as Ja Rule and Ashanti.