nick-jessica-vma.jpgThis one is juicy…

According to our celebrity gossip sources, rumors are flying around Bam Margera and Jessica Simpson’s little fling.

Naturally Bam was busily denying the whole thing, and Jessica just sad: "More nonsense. The kind of stuff people make up to get press for their events and clubs in the tabloids."

Could be true, but if it’s like that, how would miss Simpson comment on her non- talking relationship with her hubby on this year’s VMA party.

Our celebrity gossip source reported that the not-so-newlyweds seemed to exude all the warmth of liquid nitrogen – and Jessica’s wedding ring was mysteriously missing as they walked the red carpet. AHA!!

Inside the VIP section of the Loews Hotel, Nick and Jessica barely spoke. On leaving, the couple clasped hands while in sight of the paparazzi – but Simpson let go and marched ahead when they reached the privacy of the kitchen.

The next night, Bam Margera entered At the Setai pool, and literally escaped when he spoted Nick, who was according to our gossip spy, less than 3 feet away from him. “They where completely ignoring each other”, our gossipiest says.

Something is not quite right there, and I am dying to know what it is.