lindsay_lohan_.jpgAccording to this, I wouldn’t say so.

This is what happen when the children are running down the red carpet. Is it just me or there are also others who think that the age limit for actors/actresses/models/… is just way to low?

This is why we have stories like this. As long as the newspapers are publishing the headlines like this, you know where the journalism is heading.

You be the judge…

Lindsay Lohan claims that she tried to end the infamous feud between her and Hilary Duff, but, she says, she got hung up on when she called.

“I called her last week, and I was like, ‘Do you wanna hang out?’ And her sister hung up the phone on me!” Lohan told the magazine Australian. “I don’t like having enemies  …  and there’s the saying, keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”

The feud supposedly started when Lohan learns that Duff is dating her ex-sweetie, singer Aaron Carter. “It was like, literally, four years ago when that happened, we were 14, 15, we liked a boy, it was like a crush," Lohan says. "Eurgh, it was so stupid! And I was like, ‘We have a lot of similar friends in LA, let’s just be cool, so if we see each other everything’s fine.’ I don’t wanna have fights with people.”