Oh dear, I have so much to say about her, words are just coming on. I ain’t no fast typist to catch them all :). One more Mickey Mouse club child, only back then she was looking more normal every aspect.

Christina Aguilera is looking more and more horrible everyday. I don't get this really. She use to be okay looking, normal so to speak, now though she is looking more like some night time street walker who will get paid to give head in the back of some play mouth on some darkened dead end.

christina-begining.jpgRemember Ginue in a bottle, who could forget that. I thought, here is another cute child singing catchy lyrics. As she was blending with all of the other pop teenagers, she wanted to have, they’re own personality.
And boy did she achieve that.

Clearly unable to match her arch rival Britney Spears as "America's Sweetheart", Aguilera has taken a 180 degree turn to try the "Whore of Babylon" crown on for size.

So what’s wrong with this girl? I would say it some kind of post repressed childhood thing that is coming on to the surface. Like split personality kind of thing. I can’t figure what message she is trying to send.

Remember when she wanted to be black? Oh those where the days. She would cheer me up every time I saw her. Like that Dirty video with Redman.

The video starts out with a shot of Aguilera's ass with red panties pulled way up the crack.  The "X" is a bit of a mystery, but word has it that it's either a map showing you where Redman's buried treasure is hidden, or a broken image link from Microsoft.


And just when you thought it couldn't get even nastier, Christina is sucking down some water and spitting it out.  It's about as erotic as watching a Dee Sniper backache video.


Do you remember her wardrobe on 2002 VMA's ? Can’t catch up a? Me neither.
That girl was changing her clothes, on every commercial brake, looking uglier and uglier every time she got back on the stage. At least something to remember the 2002 VMA’s.



Washing off the heavy make-up and fake tan to emerge as a softer, more sophisticated diva with a pension for singing songs from the 70s nowadays. Maybe if she toned down the lipstick and got rid of that stupid fake mole. Seriously now, who does that? On the lameness scale, that's right up there with giving yourself a fake hickie with a vacuum cleaner.

    christina as Nelly's bitch                       whoopsie

Can’t wait to see “what” she will be next.