I think it’s time for me to address this issue by writing a few words about this, apparently new posh and IN, appearance in Hollywood.

We’ve all noticed how incredibly thin Hollywood stars have become in the last few years. This trend towards super-sveltedome has accelerated. Young stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Christina Ricci, Kate Moss, Lara Flynn Boyle and the Olsen twins have gone from thin to thinner to alarmingly fragile.

       Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan                   Lara Flynn

They grace the cover of magazines everywhere we look.Their beautiful tanned skin engulfs a slender “perfect” body. The men and women of Hollywood truly are striking, but also all look very much the same.There is an obvious trend in these magazines and on television that thin is IN, and only skinny people are worthy of adorning magazine covers.

Does this mean that only the thin are beautiful in today’s society?
Whether they mean to or not, the media definitely indicates that this is the case, leaving a very unrealistic image of what is attractive in the minds of young people.  Therefore, it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that eating disorders are becoming more and more prevalent among young people, particularly girls, who are striving to achieve this model-thin look.
I’m not saying you should be fat but being heavy underweight is not pretty at all, unless you find skeletal-look sexy.

mary-cate-anorexia.jpgAnd what’s scary, young girls are looking up to them, and would do anything to look as thin as possible. Girls today often believe that a star who is 5’7 and just a shade under 100 pounds is “normal.

Let me tell you… a few weeks ago I was switching channels on the television, and came across the Golden Globe awards. It seemed like every actress that came sashaying up the red carpet was even skinnier than the last one! Even my husband commented on it (which he hardly ever does, since he knows how much it bugs me!).

For years we’ve heard and read negative comments about the "waif" look (ie: Kate Moss). It seems that the "waif" look has now mutated into a sort of super-cool, Hollywood thin. Turn on the television on any given night, and you are certain to see one of the many gorgeous, young, super-skinny actresses that are becoming so very common.

           Kate Moss

I swear, I am so sick of seeing Calista Flockhart’s scrawny collar bones poking out of her neck. (and yes, I have read that she denies any eating disorder and says she’s just naturally skinny too….) But check thise photos and decide for yourself.

        Calista Flockhart – before             Calista Flockhart – after

Did you see Something about Mary? I found myself gritting my teeth throughout the movie, watching Cameron Diaz’s teeny-tiny figure for two hours. Of course, I’ve read interviews with her where she points out that she is just naturally skinny.

Well, thanks for tolerating my ranting (or has it been… whining!), but I think it’s time to say THIN IS NOT IN.