Oh not one more reality show, people get serious.

lil-kim.jpgUSA TODAY asks, “Who will be the next big reality star?” Specifically, the paper wonders which celebrity will be next to get a boost after appearing on their own reality show.

The answer may be Lil’ Kim, who is taping her own reality series before heading to prison for a year. (She starts serving her sentence Monday.)

Lil’ Kim Goes to the Big House “will feature Kim as she prepares for jail, all the while hyping her forthcoming album, ‘The Naked Truth,’ remodeling her home, and co-hosting a party with Marc Jacobs during New York Fashion Week,” Variety reports.

She’s teaming with Queen Latifah’s production team and pitching VH1 with a (laughable) asking price of $1 million – when those Viacom folk usually top out at $10,000. Kim’s got to pay her legal bills somehow.

“At least five networks have expressed interest in acquiring the finished product”, Variety says, although it doesn’t reveal which networks.

Lil Kim begins serving her year-and-a-day term in a Connecticut prison next week.

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