cameron-diaz.jpgThe photographer who sought $3.5 million from Cameron Diaz for the topless photos he took of her before she became a movie star has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for forgery, attempted grand theft and perjury.

Before Cameron Diaz became a famous actress, she was working with John Rutter, as an aspiring model in 1992. 19 year old Cameron was photographed in leather boots and fishnet stockings. At one point she held a chain attached to a male model’s neck.

According to our gossipiest, Rutter gave Cameron Diaz three days to pay him $3.5 million, or he will hand the pictures to the press. But he said he was only offering her first right of refusal, not trying to blackmail her. Hahaha, yeah right.

Cameron Diaz, did not attend Thursday’s sentencing hearing, testified during the trial that Rutter told her his prospective buyers were "going to use this against you" by portraying her as a "bad angel" in a huge magazine spread and bus and billboard ad campaign.

I think she would’ve look hot as a “ bad angel”.