Hey guys, here is something for your eyes only. TADA!!


Jessica had the looks to make guys believe she was a genetically-enhanced woman in the sci-fi hit Dark Angel, and has the body to make any guy want to go see a chick flick like Honey.

In this age of instant information, it’s become standard knowledge that one way to measure the popularity of a celebrity is to see how often they are searched on the Web. Here’s a little insider information: she’s one of the most searched women on google. Almost 1 million count. Any wonder why?

Recently I came across one site on the web where I men where asked to comment on her appearance. Here’s what they had to say:

Personal style:

There’s only one way to describe Jessica’s style: sexy. It seems that Jessica Alba has recently become very fond of low-cut, spaghetti-strap evening gowns. God bless whoever invented spaghetti-strap dresses.

Natural beauty:

Anyone with strawberry-like lips will always score well with us. There are a million and one analogies we can use to better describe her, but why bother? She was gorgeous as a dark-haired angel, and she’s even sexier with her honey-colored hair and tanned skin as a pole dancer in Sin City. It’s that simple.


Jessica Alba is smokin’. Whether she was kicking butt as Max on Dark Angel or kicking it to hp-hop as Honey in the movie of the same name, Jessica has the body, booty and beauty to make guys her slaves.


Secret wish:  (oh this one is the best)

That Jessica "punks" us by walking into our bedroom naked.

I know this isn’t a secret wish come true, but at least something close to it.

Oh, just one more thing: sorry to disappoint you all but, seems to me Jessica Alba is off the market for now.


Well I guess with me loosing Matt Damon and you guys Jessica Alba, this sets our score equal, right?