Now this is sad news. One more hottie gets off the market. Damn! I am so angry now.emoticon

              isn’t he just adorable

Some stars are better at keeping their private life out of the public attention. Matt Damon is one of them.
He has been dating former Miami bartender, Luciana Barroso for over a year now and rumors say he popped the question to her recently.

Damon, who has had some A-lister girlfriends in the past (Winona Ryder, Minnie Driver, Julia Stiles) is now “only dating civilians”.

His leading lady is Luciana Barroso 28. They look very much in love”, sad one eyewitnesses who saw Matt running over to her giving her a passionate kiss, after he filmed his scene in Capri.


So who is Barrosso? Single mother of young daughter, Miami based interior designer who is having a long term low key relationship with cutie Matt (33) since last fall. Short after Matt Damon break up his two years relationship with Odessa Whitmire (28). I hate to say this but, unlike his ex, Luciana looks like shy, down to earth kind of person. And she could be THE ONE.


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           George Clooney,Matt Damon with his girlfriend
               Luciana Barroso at the Amstel Hotel 

Matt Damon, 35, met Luciana, 28, at the Miami nightclub Crobar in 2004 where Barroso worked as a bartender. Matt will now become the stepfather for Luciana’s daughter, Alexa, who is 6-year old.
Their relationship blossomed in Europe, where Matt Damon was shooting for a couple of months.
There are bunch of pictures of the happy couple. On one they are walking together in Naples, where Matt is giving her his coat. Grrrrr…


While in Naples they visited Castel dell’Ovo – a castle on an island. They walked all around and Matt took pictures of Luciana. Looks like they are rally getting along.

I guess Ben becoming a father and hanging out with Brad and Angie and the kids are rubbing off on him.

You think there will be a double marriage? Damon and Barroso and Affleck and Garner? Both engaged now…

We’ll see…