Tess stirkes a Marilyn Monroe pose


tess-smith.jpgI figure this is by far the worse dress ever being worn by any celebrity. She put Bjork and her white swan of the first place. How sad, I kind of got used seeing her being no. 1.

But, who is Tess Smith?

Looks like she is one of those X movie stars. 

I wonder why someone would wear something like that. But, since in Hollywood you get high ranking by making your own porn video, by being anorexic and having your boobs on display 24/7, I think I’m getting pretty good picture of what Tess Smith is trying to say. Too bad it wasn’t windy outside, she would’ve reached no.1 on every newspaper headlines. Like this is only half a fun. Damn where is the wind where you need one.

Maybe I should make some naked pictures on the web to boost my career a bit.