Don’t reality shows have some type of "stupidity" clause? Apparently not, since Capital News 9 is reporting that more willing participants of reality TV are crying boo-hoo. This time, the culprit is ABC’s "Wife Swap."


A TV reality show gives the lowdown on why the extreme Right and Left will never agree, and are at each other’s throats. The show’s theme is to have two wives switch families for two weeks. And to complicate things more the producers are always picking the opposite families.

You can see family that is self-proclaimed liberals and environmentalists swapping wife’s with conservative family were dad is an avid hunter, flies a confederate flag in front of the house, and the mom thinks kids should speak only when spoken to. Can you imagine the scenario?

Now, the point of this show (I think) is to take people living at opposite extremes and having them get an idea of what it’s like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

How can a show with such a classy premise go wrong?

In this latest episode we had:
Felix Family
Vicki Felix, 27, and her husband, Jeremy, 28, live in a cluttered, suburban home in upstate New York with their children, Erikka, 9, and Dyllan, 5. The only family rule is that there are no rules. Jeremy sometimes uses racist language and Vicki doesn’t believe in discipline, resulting in their kids’ being spoiled and outspoken.

Vicki spends little time with her family, instead choosing to stay out late, gambling at a local casino. Jeremy is responsible for cleaning, cooking and caring for the kids, who often refuse to obey him.


Wiggins Family
Neicey Wiggins, 40, and her husband, Bill, 41, an ex-Marine. The Wiggins run a strict, clean household based on Bill’s military precision and Neicey’s need to control their two sports-minded sons, Billy Jr., 18, and Brelend, 15. "General" Bill surprises the boys with military inspections of their bedrooms, including white glove tests. If things aren’t ship-shape, he makes the boys get down and "give him fifty."

Felix family, of Syracuse, says they have been harassed, had to move their kids out of the house, and have gotten an unlisted phone number. Is now a good time to say, "I told you so?"

On the program, Wiggins was shown angrily confronting Jeremy Felix about his past use of the N-word. He later promised never to use it again.

Jeremy Felix apparently came off like a racist. Um — did he not see the cameras in his house? The family said that since the show has aired, they have received threatening phone calls and — perish the thought — people drive by and beep.

People — if celebrities don’t always look good on TV, what chance do you have?

The family is considering moving the family; probably a good idea. They have also asked ABC for protection, which the network is giving in to. They also claim they only received $5,000 for their pain and suffering, and now deeply regret the whole thing. Hopefully, they used that money to buy a brain.

I just thought that this was a fantastic example of why the extreme factions of both parties will never find a middle ground and why the U.S. is so dramatically split down the middle today.