ashton_1.jpgAshton Kutcher becomes a victim of an online prank. HA there ya go!

Dave and Joey were on the same party with his sister where she gave them Ashton phone number. Those two hacked into his voice mail and published it on the .

While we always want to believe that these things are authentic, we’re already skeptical—someone in the Fark forum points out that Kutcher’s alleged passcode, 7865, spells out PUNK, too obvious even for someone of the Kooch’s limited gifts. Real or not, make sure you keep your speakers turned down low if you click through to the message labeled “Hot Chick,” which quickly gets so filthy that it could make Demi Moore’s gray roots grow out in minutes.

Ashton Kutcher spokesman is insisting that everything and anything on the site is fake, but clams that Ashton thinks the messages are funny as they are “so lame”.

How will Demi react on this? If everything is true than Ashton is hiding something from Demi.

Ashton you’ve been punke’d. Say it!!!