Wow I am impressed. I bet she ran to the bathroom to wash the homeless guy off her hand. 100 bucks says she would have kicked him in the balls and told him to F off if cameras hadn’t been there.


That guy she is kissing is not just some anonymous homeless guy – he’s actually pretty well known among the celebs in Manhattan and is known as "radio man" because he carries a radio around with him. He goes to all the movie sets, premieres, and talk shows. Actually if you caught Jodie Foster on David Letterman, she mentions radio man.

Well, famous homeless guy or not, she isn’t kissing *him.* She is allowing *him* to kiss *her.* There’s a big difference. Still, it’s cool that she’d allow it. But I’m pretty sure she did it in part because there were paps around.


I couldn’t help but noticing that she is still not wearing her wedding ring.