The Apprentice premiers next week on NBC, and one of the contestants is described as a self-made millionaire who “successfully balances a happy marriage, motherhood to her four children, and a thriving career in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas”. It does not describe her as also balncing her involvement with a triple homicide and a two state crime spree, even though some may find that equally compelling.


The Smoking Gun is reporting that Alla Wartenberg (real name Alla Kosovo), a 31-year-old Russian expat who is said to have made millions running a chain of Las Vegas spas, was formerly a stripper under the name Ecstasy at the Palomino Club, a fully nude Vegas strip club.

"It was then that Wartenberg developed a "pretty platonic relationship" with a regular named Robert Acremant, a California businessman who would pay her between $500-1500 (and sometimes more) for an evening’s worth of dances and company.


She occasionally would have dinner with Acremant, who once gave her a pair of diamond earrings and also provided Wartenberg with about $500 to gamble. It was this courtship of Wartenberg, investigators would later contend, that drove a desperate Acremant – who needed money to spend on his favorite Vegas stripper – to plot the 1995 robbery of two Oregon women.”

Looks like Trump’s apprentice is slowly sinking. The first season he selected only top brains form big university names such as Harvard etc., next there were streets smarts vs. college smarts and since than it started going down rapidly. He ended with selecting porn star, stripper and homicide wannabe apprentice.

Trump you’re so fired!