I’ve found this article on pop sugar, take a look at this:

“How uncool is that. Ashton’s twin brother, Michael, found out about their wedding from the media and now he is “devastated.”His wife, Melissa has been even more vocal. It has been reported that she said:

“Michael is absolutely crushed. He was looking forward to being Ashton’s best man at his wedding.” Ashton’s bitter sister-in-law claims Moore was behind the decision not to invite certain members of her new husband’s family to the wedding – because the actress has never liked them.


Melissa snipes, “I’ve always felt that Demi thinks Ashton’s family is working class and uneducated and not sophisticated enough to be around.”

Damn, it looks like Demi is not going to be liked in her new family. That is if they really got married. “

Oh Demi, Demi… I’ve never liked her, don’t know what is Ashton doing with her in the first place.

The question remains: will all the family photos always have Bruce in them?