Jennifer-Aniston.jpgCourtney Cox has been more than a good friend to Jennifer Aniston during tha past few months. Apparently the former Friends co-star share a deepr relationship, with Courtney becoming an ‘agony aunt’ to her good friend Aniston, lending her a shoulder to cry on after the divorce.

"From the first day we met, she would just drag me outside and start telling me about her relationships", Coutney revealed.

"She draws you in. She’s the all-round friend and is incredibly loyal", the actress told Style magazine.

"I love them both so much. We went through relationships and break-ups together, through my marriage to David (Arquette) and my father dying.

"Those relationships are sacred. I can trust Jennifer and Lisa with anything," Courtney added.

Aniston has also been praised for her loyalty by another former co-star, Lisa Kudrow.