Jennifer Aniston has reconciled with her mom after not speaking to her for nine years, and Jennifer thanks the divorce form Brad as the reason.

Jennifer has become estranged from her mother Nancy, after she was seeing discussing her daughter on the talk show back in 1996 and had written things about Jennifer in a book called “ From mother and daughter to Friends” in 1999.


But ever since the split between her and Brad, Jennifer Aniston has started to rebuild her relationship with her mother.

Jennifer told Elle magazine: “I’m thrilled, it’s so wonderful. And who thought that divorce could be the thing to initiate this? It’s amazing, it’s like we have to introduce to each other once again. I am just happy she is still here”.

Nancy was left to raise Jennifer Aniston by herself, after her father, actor John Aniston, left when she was nine.

Jennifer has admitted that she had the hard time keeping quite during the break-up, as talking is her therapy. She would talk about her feelings but felt that she couldn’t say much, so that she could keep her life private.


She said: “It’s so hard. It’s almost impossible not talking about anything. I don’t abide well to gag orders. I’m a talker. I think it’s a beautiful trait when people are not micro-managing every corner of their life.
But there is a boundary. I’ve learned my lesions throughout the years on when that line get crossed and how that can be used against you and backfire.”

Brad Pitt, since he has a little free time on his hands, remains persistent in his dire attempts to insert himself into Angie’s life by enrolling into flight school. Yes, potential death wish, but we wish him best of luck as he tries to earn more sex-with-Angie points. I guess you can’t have all.

Also in the process of becoming Angie’s little bitch, Brad has managed to befriend Billy Bob Thorton. Why, you ask? Well, he discovered they have the same sense of humor. Sounds like a deep friendship in which Brad will pay Mr. Thorton for his priceless sexual consulting services in hopes of ultimately making Angelina orgasm (or at least make her want to have sex with him more often).