Our celebrity gossipiest reported that Britney husband Kevin Federline left the house for three days after they hade a major fight.


Kevin ended up staying at a friends house, while Britney’s mom Lynne, came to help clear things up.
The couple is being having problems ever since the birth of their baby boy Sean Preston. Makes me think those jokes that we’ve been hearing about Kevin being unemployed, could be true.

The former back-up dancer, who had left his former girlfriend, Shar Jackson, who was also pregnant at the time, to be with Britney is reportedly being a “ real brat”, since mom and baby came from the hospital.
According to the report on the MSNBC website, Kevin has been too busy with golfing, partying and talking on the phone, rather than to spent time with his baby and his wife.


Apparently Britney has been complaining that she is “raising two kids now”.

Earlier this week Britney and Kevin have been concerned that the sex video of their own was to be released in the public. So they have it also, oh this has become a cliché.

A person of Britney’s large entourage is believed to have copied the tape and is threatening to release the raunchy footage.